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When Lloyd Irvin Speaks, People Listen...

When Lloyd Irvin Speaks, People Listen…

Dear Future Internet Marketer,

My name is Lloyd Irvin Jr., and you may or may not know me. However, I’m widely known in three different circles of people; the folks who know the law of attraction (spooky stuff), the Internet & Information Marketing body (the make-money-online guys, aka the Perfect Business), and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Mixed Martial Arts World (those UFC/Ultimate Fighting Guys).

Here are some of the guys on our team that I help coach (UFC Champion Dominic Cruz, Brandon “The Truth” Vera, Phil “Mr. Wonderful” Davis, Mike “The Hulk” Easton,Ultimate Fighter Season Winner Ross “The Real Deal” Pearson ) just to name a few.

When I was 26 years old, I was a dead broke college graduate living with my Mom in Forestville, Maryland in her 2 bedroom apartment. Instead of getting a job, like everyone in my family was telling me to do, I decided that I wanted to be an Ultimate Fighter (imagine my parents joy of hearing this news) after my Frat brother Duane Johnson gave me a VHS tape of UFC 1 and I fell in love with Royce Gracie.

I began training in the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. However, 6 months into my training my instructor had to move back to Brazil and I was forced to open my own academy with only months of experience. A few years later, while on the verge of going out of business and losing my martial arts school, I received an email about a product that would help turn my martial arts school around. Being desperate, I borrowed more money from my mother to purchase this online course – and it saved my martial arts school!

Not only did it save my martial arts school, it enlightened me to the World of Internet Marketing, something I never even knew existed! I paid $399 for a product that I heard about from a random email, from a random person and it was delivered digitally to my inbox. I began to aggressively investigate Internet Marketing, I bought courses and programs and they all led me to a dead end street until

I Attended A Seminar That Would
Change My Life Forever

In 2003, I attended The System Seminar, I was one of over 500 people in the room. It was a very strange room of people! There were people that were self-made millionaires from Internet Marketing, there were people selling how-to courses on how to make parrots talk, potty training kids, how to get rid of acne, how to lose weight, network marketers using internet marketing to build huge downlines, business owners using it to crush their competitors, you name it people were selling it online. You had two groups, people selling stuff online and people with businesses that were using this skill to achieve amazing results in their business.

I hadn’t made one single penny online as of that day but that quickly changed, after leaving that Event I released my very first product and I made $180,000 on the very first day! I was amazed, my goal with Internet Marketing was to make an extra $100,000 a year, and I made well over that in my first day! I’ve gone on to make millions of dollars with the base that I learned from that very first seminar.

I’ve gone on to become one of America’s most successful Online Marketers. Today, I am personal friends with the who’s who of the Internet Marketing World. However, I’ve stayed out of teaching Internet Marketing and focused on simply ‘doing it’! Funny thing is that most people who teach it don’t even really do it anymore. Not me! Every single day money is being put into my bank account while I sleep, from the power of Internet Marketing.

So, Why Am I Giving Away My Million Dollar Blueprint?

That’s a good question…

Internet Marketing allowed me to live the lifestyle of my dreams, the types of dreams you have when you’re a kid sitting on the couch watching the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

When I started on this journey back in 2003, I hadn’t yet made a single penny on the Internet and what I learned changed everything. It brought me from ZERO to MILLIONS!

Since I’ve had so much success online (and still do), I wanted to help other people do the same... People who truly desire to increase their income and make a ton of money online.

As it stands, the mass majority of Internet Marketing seminars are nothing but pitch-fests trying to get a newbie, like you, to buy a product that will claim to get you rich overnight… and I’m sick and tired of it!

That’s why I’m giving you this FREE DVD, My Internet Marketing Secrets DVD“How I Made Over A Million Dollars In A Single Day and How You Can Generate $5,000 – $50,000 A Month Online From Your Kitchen Table”.

Through the years I’ve learned, if you know the basic things about Internet Marketing you can make a six-figure income right from your kitchen table.

In just 15 minutes, after watching this FREE DVD, you’ll be able to start your online business. You’ll know the exact steps to get started, everything you need to know to get your machine going.

I get emails from people from all over the World asking me to help them get started online. I personally charge $5000 per hour, and my fee for private consulting is $25,000 day. The average newbie trying to get started can not afford my fees, but I have finally decided that I wanted to make sure that anyone, from any back ground, with money or without money, can learn the secrets to the exciting World of Internet and Information Marketing!

So this is my way to give back. Here’s just some of the things you’ll learn in this powerful DVD I’ve made just for you!

  • Discover How to turn your hobby, talents or other interests into products you can sell. 
  • How to create a product out of thin air, with nothing more than an idea in your brain. Then a step-by-step process to sell that exact product to people with cash in hand that want to buy that exact product.
  • How to research your niche before you invest your hard-earned time and money.
  • How to build a million-dollar online Internet business (it’s not as difficult as you may think!)
  • The “Super Secret Ninja Technique” to get others to do all of the work for you, for under $3.00 an hour (this Ninja Technique can be put on autopilot and can allow you to jump into, and profit from, an unlimited amount of niches at one time!).
  • A step-by-step, simple plan to create products your customers will love (and buy!)
  • How to take your product idea and turn it into a real business that can generate hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars (people have used this exact system to take an ebook that they were selling for $39 online and turned it into a $2000 product and seminar business)
  • I reveal exactly how I made over a million dollars in a single day (once you see this you’ll never view the Internet the same)

That is just SOME of the things you’ll learn from watching this free DVD…

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